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ASIST Translation Services, Inc. has provided the highest-quality translation and interpretation services to businesses and organizations worldwide. We don’t just translate words – we capture and convey their true meaning for your target audience.

All of our translation and interpreter services are customized to meet your exact business and language needs. Our project management team will review your request and connect you with the solution that is just right for you. For any corner of the globe and in any format you desire, ASIST lets you communicate with confidence. Call us today to find out why ASIST is the “go to” interpreting and translation company for businesses worldwide.

  • Why ASIST?

    For many years ASIST has provided quality, accurate translation & interpreting services customized to a variety of business needs.

    Clients consider us more than just a translation agency – we are a strategic partner that allows you to communicate with confidence, regardless of the language demands, cultural sensitivities, budget constraints or time limits involved. Here are just a few reasons why ASIST is a one-stop source for all of your foreign language needs:

  • Expertise

    Over 30 years of foreign language experience

    A worldwide network of 3,500+ professional linguists with expertise in specific subject matter

    No project is too big or too small to handle

    Customized interpreting and translation services

  • Quality

    Accurate and culturally sensitive language solutions

    100% satisfaction guaranteed

    4-Step quality assurance process

    Professional, native-speaking translators and interpreters

  • Easily Accessible Interpreting Services

    Available 24/7/365


    Over the phone, within 60 seconds of need

    By video

    Simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretations

  • Security

    Protecting your information is our highest priority

    ASIST adheres to strict corporate confidential and information security guidelines

    All customer information is protected behind multiple layers of firewalls

    We have multiple levels of client protection coverage including criminal background clearance, fingerprinting and signed non-disclosures for our employees

    Interpreters adhere to strict confidentiality as prescribed in the Professional Interpreters Code of Ethics

    We have comprehensive insurance coverage including professional liability, errors and omissions, and crime insurance

  • 240+ Languages

    All services provided in 240+ languages. From top languages (i.e. Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic) to obscure languages (i.e. Dari, Ewe, and Ibo)

    Thousands of language combinations

  • Superior Customer Service

    Dedicated account teams

    Timely delivery of projects, within budget

    Utilization of various translation memory systems to drive efficiencies and ensure consistency

    We answer our own phones!

  • Cultural Training for Your Staff

    Gain insights and information on different cultures

    Understand cultural nuances and customs: communication style, values and etiquette

    We provide expatriate and business meeting training (i.e. business life vs. daily life)

  • Compliance

    ASIST translators and interpreters have years of experience in all types of industries

    Our company is in compliance with Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI)

    We are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)

    All translators and interpreters are company tested

    We understand and uphold our role in conforming to compliances

  • Quality You Can Trust

    Simply put, we help your business grow and reach new markets. Our global network of 3,500 professional linguists accurately communicate your message by providing translation and interpreter services in more than 240 languages. We stand out among translation companies for the number of native-speaking translators and interpreters who are subject matter experts, skilled in the dialects of your target audience and trained/certified to satisfy any foreign language request.

    Join businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions worldwide that choose ASIST as the interpreting and translation company they can trust.

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