Multilingual Subtitles and Captions Can Expand Your Video Views

Marketing and promotional videos are more popular than ever in this age of digital media. It used to be that only big-budget businesses could afford the cost of producing a slick marketing video touting all the advantages of their products or services. Not anymore. Today, many organizations have their own in-house video production teams equipped […]

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Denmark – Culture and Customs of a Small but Mighty Country

Although a small country of roughly 5.7 million people, Denmark is one of the leading economic markets in Europe. In fact, Forbes routinely taps the Scandinavian country to top its list of best countries to do business. So if you’re looking to expand your international marketing efforts, don’t overlook the Danes as a rich opportunity […]

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Top 10 Languages Pie Chart

Top 10 list of world languages by number of first-language speakers around the globe.

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10 Things to Know About Oktoberfest

Autumn is a busy time for special events and festivals around the world. The mild temperatures that accompany the changing seasons make tourist or business travel especially enjoyable. In honor of one of autumn’s most popular worldwide attractions—the Munich Oktoberfest—we gathered some interesting facts you may not know about this 200-year-old tradition. Oktoberfest is known […]

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Our Glossary of Terms Helps You Understand Translation Terminology

If you’ve looked into getting any translation or interpreting work done, you know there are plenty of words and phrases unique to the industry. To help you understand just what all of this terminology really means, we put together a brief glossary of key terms to help you out. Bilingual/Multilingual – The ability to communicate fluently […]

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