Take a Lesson from Schools: Translation and Interpreting Often Required by Law

For regular readers of our blogs and newsletters, you know we often highlight the legal regulations that organizations should be aware of when it comes to providing translators and interpreters for clients/customers. Various federal and state laws are in place to make sure that businesses—especially those receiving government funding—meet basic requirements for providing translation services […]

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Interpreting Services are Changing with the Times

The role of interpreter has changed much over the years. Gone are the days when an interpreter just had to know how to verbally translate words from one language into another. In addition to language skills, professional interpreters undergo extensive training to refine their skills, and they must adhere to mandatory requirements that vary by […]

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Legal Translations Don’t Have to be Intimidating

  Legal Document Translations-Simplifying an Intimidating Task Procuring interpreting and translation services for law firms does not have to be daunting. When it comes to language services law firms have widely disparate processes in their offices. One individual may speak French and helps to get the “gist” of certain documents, while another knows Spanish and […]

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Translation Service aids Courts, Hospitals

Because of Elena Tsinman, over 100 interpreters every day help non-English speaking or Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals communicate with local police, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and in various other settings. Tsinman is the owner and founder of ASIST Translation Services, which employs more than 2000 interpreters from all over the globe to help keep things […]

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